MS PowerPoint Hyperlink: Connect your presentation to the website

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office setupMicrosoft Office has the most useful tools to express your work or ideas in the perfect way. You all are much known with the Microsoft presentation tool “PowerPoint”. This tool allows you to write your ideas, your product explanation, your work explanation, etc. right in front of many viewers on just one click. The hyperlink is the option that allows you to add any web link to your presentation for a better explanation of your work.

Use of Customize Hyperlink: Make your presentation look pro

  1. Insert the image or write the text in which you want to include the web link onto your PowerPoint slide.
  2. Select the written text or the image file by double-clicking on it.
  3. Right click on the selected file or text and choose the option “Hyperlink”.
  4. A new window will pop up named “Link to”, in that window you can put the web address you want to use a Hyperlink in your text/image.
    1. In the Link to the window to add the Hyperlink in a text keep the following settings Existing File or Web Page>Current Folder.
    2. Your selected text will be shown in the topmost filed of Link to the window as “Text to display”.
    3. You can also edit your text from the same field that you want to use as hyperlink text.
    4. In the bottom-most filed under the name “Address”, you can enter the website link that you want to use as Hyperlink.
  5. Click on Ok after submitting the web link.
  6. Now we need to check the link that we have inserted, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the link, the link must turn blue and get underlined.

Insert the hyperlink in your document or email ID

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  1. First of all, double click on the file, text or document you want to use as a hyperlink
  2. Right click on the selected document.
  3. Click on Hyperlink and select the following option
    1. “Place in this Document”, with this ink you can link any specific slide to your PowerPoint presentation.
    2. “Create a new Document” with the help of this option you can insert the link to get to another presentation from the current presentation.
    3. “E-mail Address” you can directly add an e-mail ID link right from this option.
  4. Fill the field “Text to display, ScreenTip”, it will allow you to use your link regarding any specific presentation slide.

How to change the color of the Hyperlink

You can always change the color of the Hyperlink.

  • To change the color or text type of your text that includes the Hyperlink, you just need to right click on that word and select the option on “Edit Link”.
  • In the Home tab ribbon, click on the Font Color option and the colors menu will open.
  • You can select any color you want to use or highlight your hyperlink.

Congratulation! You have successfully inserted the link in your desired text or image file. Your link is totally ready to use in PowerPoint Presentation.

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