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Office 365 is a service that is based on cloud technology to make your work on your digital devices great. You can choose this service to enhance your work as it provides its users with the best combo of exclusive apps like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. and powerful services like One Drive and MS Teams that work on cloud technology. A simple subscription to MS Office 365 followed by Microsoft office 365 login will empower you to create your dream-work and showcase it to the world. Thanks to the exclusive features of this service that you can unleash your work and take it to the level you’ve ever dream of.
It is not only the world-class features that make it an eye-candy for the users but also the variants of it that are designed as per the needs of specific groups of users. There are different products, one each for home, business, and education. This helps the users choose the product that suits their requirements the best.

Install Microsoft Office 365: Unlock the creativity you have

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There are different products designed by Microsoft keeping in mind the individual demands of the users of a particular group. What a businessman needs in the features might not be needed by a student. Just as the demands are not same, Office 365 is also not all-the-same for everyone. Before understanding about the details of different versions and their prices, it is must for a user to understand what makes Office 365 a perfect choice for your work.

The real power of this office suite lies in its high-tech apps that let you create whatever you want easily. It comes with:

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Word – Comes with the best built-in tools to make your work on docs the best.
Excel – Gives you the power to manage your data in the tables in the best way possible.
PowerPoint – Comes with world-class animation and customization features to make your slides shine.
Outlook – One of the best e-mail managers with additional features like calendar, task manager, note taking, etc.
One Drive – Helps you safeguard your data against any accidental loss or theft through
the use of cloud technology.
and many more apps as SharePoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, etc. that make the experience of working on it worth carrying with you lifelong.

Microsoft Office 365: A path to success

The Microsoft Office is driven by the motivation it gets from its users who have faith in it. It comes with the best plans always to cater to the ever-changing needs and demands of the users.

For this, it has different products to serve different types of users.

1. Office 365 Home

office 365 home

This product has been designed exclusively for domestic purposes. It has all the features a general user at home needs. It has all the apps that provide you with one solution for you and your family. It is again available in two variants viz Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Household.

a) Office 365 Household – You can use it for yourself and your family. Can be shared for a maximum of 6 digital devices across your home. It gives you a cloud storage facility through OneDrive where you can store 1TB with hi-tech security. To add to it, tech support is available for it all the time. One month of free trial is available for the users to test its features too. You can subscribe to this package at $99.99 per year. Instead of monthly expanse of $9.99 per month, you can save yourself 17% with yearly subscription.

b) Office 365 Personal – There is no need to go for Household package if you are the only one who needs Office suite. Microsoft Office has got ‘Personal’ variant for use by a single person. You can use it across any device you like and simultaneously too. It too comes with all the features same as those of ‘Household’ variant. The only difference is that it is restricted to only one user and can’t be shared across your home. You can subscribe to it for $69.99 per year and save yourself 17%. Its monthly subscription price is $6.99.
You can check out the details of the prices through paying a visit to the official site:


2. Office 365 Business

Just as the needs of a home are different from those of a business, the versions are different too. This product has been designed keeping in mind the professional demands. It again comes in different variants designed as per the type of business:

office 365 business

a) For small business- It is for the small business and provides all the features it needs. It helps build the business by increasing its efficiency and productivity and saves you more time for your business through simplifying setup and management of devices for you.
It is available in three packages:
Office 365 Business Essentials – At $5 per user per month. Offer all except advanced security, device management, and business-building and management tools.
Office 365 Business Premium – At $12.20 per user per month. An advanced version of ‘Essentials’ that offer all except device management and advanced security.
Microsoft Office 365 Business – At $20.00 per user per month. Suitable for a fully grown business.

b) For Enterprise – This is meant to the needs of an enterprise. It comes with all the features that help you showcase your creativity through AI tools, bring people together by establishing a connection through sharing ideas and files, and intelligent security to safeguard a company’s valuable data against any threat.

c) For Firstline Workers – Designed for first-line workers by giving them the tools to manage and supervise the work in the company efficiently. Best suited for the sectors like retail, manufacture, hospitality, healthcare where the first-line managerial roles hold a great importance. You can buy Office 365 F1 at $4.00 per user per month and get the best out of your first-line workers.

3. Office 365 Education 

office 365 student

It has been designed to cater to the needs of the education sector.

Office 365 Student & Teachers – This is the variant suited for the students and their educators that give them the tools to grow simultaneously. It gives the students the tools to collaborate with educators anytime, learn and enhance their skills through modern classroom and cloud services of OneDrive, Skype, OneNote and what not! It also helps educators to connect to their students better and bring out the best from them through smart features it offers. It can bring the teachers and students closer through chat groups on Skype, and School Data Sync and make the learning experience refreshing and vibrant. It has three different variants – Office 365 A1, Office 365 A3 and Office 365 A5.

office 365 personal

Office 365 A1 – Comes free of cost for your school.
Office 365 A3 – Has got some additional features and is available at two different rates, one for the students and the other for the educators. You can buy it for $2.50 per student per month and $3.50 per faculty in staff.
Office 365 A5 – An omnipotent variant with all the features of the previous two variants plus additional features, advanced compliance, AI security for your school and best analytics feature. You can get it for $6.00 per student per month and $8.00 per teacher per month.

Go for Office 365 download: Choose glory

Packed with all world-class features and smart cloud apps, Office 365 is an ideal choice for all. With different packages for different types of users, it is all-the-way more appealing for its users. Just go for it right away and give your work a new dimension. All you need is an active subscription of Office 365, and an account. The moment you’re done with Microsoft Office 365 login, you are all set to rule your work and lead the line always.


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