5 MS Office alternative Applications for Android device

office setup

office setup

MS Office is one of the best programs to complete all your office work that includes your creating your data sheets or editing them, making an office presentation to express your ideas in the front boss or writing your thoughts on a digital paper can actually undo/delete the words that you want to change.

As the time is changing everything is shifting from bulky looking computers to tiny smartphones, you don’t need to keep your laptop along with you all the time, you got to eliminate the need for heavy laptops.   Smartphones playing a wide role in our digit life that also requires the market ready applications that should have all the important options and run flawlessly.

You can always install the Microsoft Office application right from the Google Play store but many users don’t find the best compatibility of their phone for Microsoft Office and also it seems you have good alternate options.

Here are the best 5 alternative applications for Microsoft Office that you can install in your Android device.

1.Libre Office


Ranked as number one on the chart, Libra Office provides the most familiar Office suite to users and it costs you absolutely nothing. It is totally compatible with all the MS Office tools files, which means you can open and edit all the files that you have created in the MS Office. The features that make it unique are its large number of tools in one app that you won’t find these options in other office applications.

2.Google Sheets, Docs and Slides 


Followed by the Libra, Google Docs stands on number two due to its only con that is opening a old MS Office file with it. Otherwise, Google Docs is one of the best MS Office alternatives. The best part of working online with Google Docs is that you will never lose your data if you get a sudden power cut off and you did not save your file.


3.Microsoft Office Online

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Being in the   with Google Docs Microsoft Office released its online version, that can be accessed from all the devices and its automatically saves your data just like the Google Docs, the only issue users found with MS Office Online is that you don’t see many tools for your documents when you using it.


4.WPS Office

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It has all the features to open and edit the MS Office files, you can customize your preference to save the files. The files will be automatically saved to your chosen online drive so you do not need to worry in case you ever lose your offline office data. It allows you to do all the office work totally online.



5.Polaris Office 

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Just like Google Docs saves every word automatically that you type in it, Polaris Office also lets you do the same that you can access from any device PC or smartphone from anywhere anytime. This is totally free to use. This office suite comes with six special features along with the office tools such as CalC,

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