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Microsoft Office is one of the most demanded office programs due to its specific classification of features and simple working interface. MS office lets you do all your office work from one place, whether you have to make a excel sheet for your product details or a presentation to explain your product to your boss. Microsoft Office lets you do all your analytical, typing work in the most comprehensive way that you will never require any other office software to do your office work.

 Once in a lifetime, everyone has used Microsoft Office, there are so many features of Microsoft 365 that can blow your mind. You might have worked on Office suite for a very long time but you always want to know the best way to do your work with the shortcuts. In this article, you will know about all the features and best ways to work with MS Office 365 to increase your productivity in less time.

Features of MS Office 365

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  • Chat with Co-workers: MS Office allows you to chat with your co-workers right from MS Office applications. This feature is very beneficial if you and your co-workers are working on the same project. You all can chat while you are working and increase the productivity of your project.
  • Co-Authoring in real time: As your team working on the same project and you all have to edit and add data in the same datasheet, MS Office 365 lets you do all your adding and editing work in the same datasheet in real-time. That means none of you have to pass that datasheet individually to update.

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  • Touch Screen enabled: To use your creativity on another level you can use a digital pen to create your data structure or explain your work by creating the drawing right in the MS Office PowerPoint with very high precision. Organize your presentation with just simple using of a digital pen, make your documents bulleted or take a snap in just one simple touch.
  • Power Map: You always try to present your data in the most creative way, MS Office engineers also understand your needs and they have incorporated the new way to express your data in the new Map way. Your data will be shown inside a world map that is pretty impressive and also convincing for your international presentation.
  • 50 GB Cloud Space: Least but not the last, you will also get the 50 GB cloud storage with the subscription of MS Office, that you can use for you your emails, storing your data, tasks, calendars, notes, contacts, etc.

If you are wondering how MS Office 365 costs and how to get it, you will get all the details here. Before you made a purchase you can always try the trial product for 1 month from the link, right from the trial product you can buy the product if you wish. However, MS Office 365 Home costs you $99.99 per year, to get the product you can just go the link

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