Learn How to Merge Shared Workbook Copies

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Microsoft Excel the world’s most used spreadsheet program that allows you to do all your analytical work in the same place with features like Data Sorting, Built-in Formulas, Creating charts as per your need, Editing the results automatically, Formula Auditing, etc.

This is a super effective spreadsheet to finish your work in the best possible way in terms of analytical, time-saving, accuracy, sorting data and getting the result out of your data. On top of it, you can share your worksheet in just one go to any of your colleagues or boss. You might have multiple files of the same worksheet and you do want to get rid of it without losing any of the data. In such conditions, you can merge the Shared Workbook copies that will keep all the date in just one original shared workbook.

A Step-by-step guide to merge shared Workbook Copies


  1. Check whether the Share Workbook option is visible by clicking the Review tab.
    • If it’s not visible that is because it’s hidden you can unhide it by following the path File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar.activate office
    • Click on All Commands under the Choose commands from option and scroll down until you do not see the Share Workbook (Legacy).
    • As you see the item there, Add it by selecting it.
    • Again scroll down until you do not see the item Track Changes (Legacy). Do the same, Add it by selecting it.
    • Once again scroll down until you do not found Protect Sharing (Legacy) and Add it by selecting it.
    • One more time scroll down and look for the item Compare and Merge Workbooks. As you found it Select it and click on Add.
    • Click Ok.
    • Now you will see four new options in the top excel ribbon.
  2. Click on the “Share Workbook” icon on the “Quick Access Toolbar” (generally it is known as “Review Tab”).
  3. Now click on the option “Allow changes by more than one user”.
  4. Now, you need to tell another person to open the file and change the file name to something else(must be different from the original name) and add their own copies too in the same folder that should be represented as the original workbook.
  5. When they do it, tell them to change their copy and save the file.
  6. Now, you need to open the original Shared Workbook file into which you want to merge the changed files.
  7. Click on “Compare and Merge Workbooks”, you can find this option on “Quick Access Toolbar”.
  8. You will get a prompted window to save your files. Save your files when you get the prompt, you can also save your files after the 7th step on your own.
  9. Now go to the dialogue box “Select Files to Merge into Current Workbook”.
  10. Click on the changed copy of the workbook that you want to merge.
  11. In order to merge the more than one copy just keep on pressing the Ctrl key and select the files, you want to merge.
  12. Select Ok.

Congratulations! You have Successfully unhide the Shared Workbook and merge the copies of the Shared Workbook.

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