Best 10 Free Alternatives of Microsoft Office 2013

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Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used office program that is capable of doing all your office work. If you are thinking to switch to other office software, you will learn about the best 10 office software that you can download


1.Apache OpenOffice 

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It is totally free to download and activate. Apache Office does have all the tools that come in an MS Office suite and all these tools are totally compatible with MS Office tools and vice versa. It has unique useful Extensions and Templates.



It is an open source office suite that comes with spreadsheets, presentations, Text Documents, Drawing, Formula and Database tools that will never let you feel any requirement of MS Office again.

3.WPS Office 

wps office

One of the famous office suites that started from Android devices is now available for Windows PC. WPS Office will never you use MS Word again as it comes with all the tools which one person needs to work as he wants. It comes with many free templates and premium templates do cost a one-time fee. You can get it from the link

4.Polaris Office 

ms office alternatives - polaris

It has the most simple interface that allows you to do work simply and effectively. Being simple it also has a very strong range of functions that will never make you switch to any other office suite. To get the Polaris Office you can go to


5.Google Slide 

The most convenient tool to do all your presentation work at any place from any device, all online. You can access it easily and its totally free to use. It saves all your data online. You can access it right by clicking the link


6.Google Sheets 

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Google Sheets is the best alternative for MS Excel, it lets you do all the excel job on any web browser, it does not require an active subscription or a paid version. You can always access it from the link

7.Google Drive 

Google drive is one of the best alternatives for your MS Office choice, its comprehensive features will totally eliminate MS Office need from your work. It does let you work all inside the Google Drive, so you are never losing a thing even if you get a sudden power cut off.

8.OpenOffice Writer 

Open office is easy to use and you can open and word files very easily with this program. The specialty of this program is that you can edit your word file in a few seconds as you want.


9.Office Tab 

If are tired of several mouse clicking in your office suit tools then this program is best for you as it allows you to do all your work right from your keyboard.


10.Adobe Pagemaker

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All your complex needs for your work in an official document can be easily achieved by Adobe Pagemaker. On top of that, you can save your document file in a PDF file.

If you have a continuous internet connection then no doubt you can choose Google Docs, it is the most productive and simplest program to create and share your document files. On the other hand, LibreOffice is one solution for all your offline Office suite needs, as it has all the tools and features one requires for home and office work.

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