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Microsoft Word, the world’s best word processor program to fulfill all your needs of typing. When Microsoft Word was not introduced to the world all the typing work was done by typewriter but it was a irreversible process of typing, which means once you typed there was no option to delete it, neither you can edit it. Any mistake in the typing even the incorrect spellings used to make the writer type the whole article again, but those days were long gone and since the evolution of technology taking over everything is way easier time and effort saving.

Microsoft Word commonly referred to as MS Word has changed the world with the incredible time & effort saving approach toward making typing and editing easy, its more fun for writers now. With the use of MS Word, you can easily delete the words, edit your article, change your texts and fix the most common issue facing by everyone that is misspellings. These are the basic function of the modern word program. There are ample of main features of MS Word, as much you work on it as much you will get familiar with it.

A very general issue you might have faced while working on the MS Word that is how to add number list or bullets to your word file to express your typing matter in an easy and satisfactory way.

Bullets and Numbers list give a better understanding of your article/word file. The person who is reading your article can clearly synchronize your thoughts/matter as you want to express them. The beauty of bullets and numbers is significantly amazing, your work does look neat and clean that is drafted totally in a professional way. You can check the example below how do bullets and number makes your work look more specific.

  • For example, I am writing this article.
  1. For Example, You can check the beauty of bullets.


How To add bullet list to Word document


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  • First off, place the cursor where you want to add a bullet or from where you want to start your bullets list.
  • In the default Home tab search for the bullets icon as shown in the above image and click on it.
  • As you click on it, you will get the bullet where the curser was.
  • Now type your text and just press Enter key to add the next bullet to create your bulleted list.

Note: You can also add the bullets to your word document by just pressing the keys Ctrl+Shift+L together.


How To add Number list in your word document

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  1. As mentioned in the above steps, just put your cursor from where you want to add the number list.
  2. In the Home tab search for the Number list icon as shown in the above image.
  3. As you click on it, you will get the number where you put the curser.
  4. To get the next number in the next line just press the Enter key and you will automatically get the next number; you can continue your work from there.

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